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Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #6

29.10.2006 - Finance Helpdesk Newsletter


FP7 Derogation scheme for transition from AC to FC

New FP7 Guarantee Mechanism

FP7 Rules for Participation Commission presentation update

FP6 Project Management FAQs

Vote for the Finance Helpdesk website

Project Work Ethics and Best Practice Paper Published

IST 2006

Finance Helpdesk Workshops

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FP7 Derogation scheme for transition from AC to FC.

Good news for Universities!!!

The latest draft FP7 Financial rules contain a derogation scheme for the transition from AC to FC.

The current draft of the Rules for Participation state that if there are organisations “which are unable to identify with certainty their real indirect costs for the action concerned… May opt for a flat rate of ...”


This means that if Universities, research institutions or SMEs claim they cannot calculate their indirect costs, they could opt to use a flat rate of 60% indirect costs rate for first projects under calls that closed before 1 January 2010, and the then use, 40% for projects under calls published after 1 January 2010.


Please note that in all cases, permanent staff can now be charged in direct costs – if rules are followed.


New FP7 Guarantee Mechanism.

This new Guarantee Mechanism Replaces Financial Collective Responsibility and is proposed to work in the following way:

         Participants implement the work jointly and severally towards the Community (FP4, FP5 approach) and carry out work of a defaulting partner unless the Commission relieves them of that obligation (not = FP6 financial collective responsibility)

         Commission to assess risk of default and may establish a mechanism to cover financial loss (i.e. to replace financial collective responsibility)

         5% of prefinancing will be withheld by the Commission to fund guarantee mechanism. Guarantee will be repaid with final payment if there is successful project completion and cost to justify payment; Guarantee will be repaid in full to all except for those organisations not covered by government guarantee who will receive 4%. The extra 1% funds unrecoverable defaults.

         Participants in certain types of funding schemes (training, frontier research, actions for benefit of specific groups except SMEs) would be exempted from above


FP7 Rules for Participation Commission presentation update

The Commission have updated their presentations in line with the new draft FP7 Rules of Participations.

Please click here to download the updated presentation.


FP6 Project Management FAQs

An updated version of the Commission FP6 Project Management FAQs is available. for dowloading.

This new document is dated June 2006 and has recently been made available. The FAQs clarify some key questions. To download the document, please click here and scroll down to the top link in the FAQs section.


Vote for the Finance Helpdesk website

The Finance Helpdesk has been entered into the “Best IST Project Website Award.”

If you have found our website useful then please help us by voting and encouraging your colleagues to vote.

The vote takes only 15 seconds and can be done here. The Vote will finish on 3rd November 2006.


Project Work Ethics and Best Practice Paper Published

In FP6 the Commission devolved many responsibilities to the consortia. This opened the doors wide for abuse of trust within Projects.


Larger sums of money are generally also involved with the creation of the New Instruments. This along with the retirement of the original 1984 players has resulted in a general deterioration of behaviour. This was combined with the introduction of a large number of new participants from the mainly New Member States who are largely unfamiliar with normal behaviour.


EFPConsulting has written a paper in an effort to document the various aspects and suggest approaches to rectify this in FP7.

To view the Paper please click here.



Finance Helpdesk Stand

The Finance Helpdesk will have a stand at the IST2006 event and we will be happy to meet you there.


The IST conference is the main networking event and showcase covering research and development in information society technologies (IST). It is organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the Finnish Presidency of the European Union and will take place in Helsinki, Finland 21 – 23 November 2006. It coincides with the launch of the EU’s Seventh Framework R&D Programme. Day One of the conference programme will feature high-level policy discussions on how governments can help ICTs contribute to an innovative Europe, with Days Two and Three devoted to the Seventh Framework Programme and other topics surrounding European research and innovation.

Registration to this event is now open and can be done here.


Finance Helpdesk Workshops:

The Finance Helpdesk is holding the following upcoming Financial Workshops:


01/11/2006     Financial Aspects of RTD Contracts - Kharkov, Ukraine

13/11/2006     Financial Aspects of RTD Contracts -Portugal

14/11/2006     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in University of Southampton, UK.

19/11/2006     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop for Academia - TelAviv, Israel.

27/11/2006     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Barcelona, Spain.

04/12/2006     Financial Aspects of RTD Contracts -Croatia

06/12/2006     3 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia.

12/12/2006     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in University of Wroclaw, Poland.

25/01/2007     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Berne, Switzerland.

16/02/2007     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Finance Helpdesk are currently looking for opportunities and collaborators to hold additional workshops.

If you wish to work together with the Finance Helpdesk and Host either an Internal or Public Financial Workshop, then please contact us here.


Register with us:

If you received notification of this newsletter by email, then you have already registered with the Finance Helpdesk. If you are not registered then please do so here.



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