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Welcome to Finance Helpdesk Website!

Just Published:

04/05/2016        2 Day Financial Workshop in Vienna, Austria. 



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The Finance Helpdesk is now onTwitter – please join us. Any feedback is appreciated.


Welcome to the Finance-Helpdesk. This facility was started by the Finance-NMS-IST Project, with the support of the IST Program. This website acts as a portal and a helpdesk for the latest FP financial information. Don't forget to register with us here to be able to download documents, use the confidential helpline and to receive our Financial Newsletters.

Latest News
02/02/2016Avoid Finance Errors - Letter from Robert-Jan Smits

The Director General for Research and Innovati... Read More

20/01/2016Marie Sklowdowska-Curie in H2020 V2 Leaflet Published

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19/01/2016New H2020 Reporting leaflet is published

The Finance Helpdesk has published a "H2020 Reporting" leaflet

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30/10/2015Updated Grant Agreements available now.

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14/09/2015Periodic Reporting Templates are available now
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12/05/2015Multi-beneficiary Annotated General Grant Agreement V2.01 is available now

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23/11/2014The latest Financial Helpdesk Newsletter (#48) is available now.
To view the newsletter, please click ... Read More
More news...

Leaflets and Tools
10/02/2016 02.02.2016 - Avoid Finance Errors - Letter from Robert-Jan Smits
21/01/2016 20.01.2016 - Marie Sklowdowska-Curie in H2020 V2
21/01/2016 Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #49
23/11/2014 Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #48
Selected FP7 Helpline Q&A
20/02/2011 Is the Coordinator obliged to distribute the total amount of the received pre-financing? Or is it possible to keep back a certain amount?
20/02/2011 Should all original bills be kept?
16/02/2011 Can a University operating as a charity recover VAT in an FP7 project?
16/01/2011 Are repair costs for Durable Equipment which is used in a FP7 project eligible direct costs?
12/05/2010 What happens if a beneficiary does not submit a required Certificate on Financial Statement?
12/05/2010 What happens if a beneficiary does not submit a Form C?

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