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25/01/2007 - 1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Berne, Switzerland.

Euresearch is hosting a 1 day FP7 Financial Workshop in Berne, Switzerland on the 25 Jan 2007.


The workshop will be conducted by the Finance Helpdesk and will be specifically targeted to an accounting / auditor audience:


The draft agenda is: (the agenda will be updated nearer the time)


FP7 Financial Regulations

         Differences between FP6 and FP7

         75% for Universities

         Flat rate Overheads Vs Real Costs (FC Calculation)

         Charging for Permanent Members of Staff,

         Eligible Costs


In-House Financial Recording Systems


         Cost Recording

Cost Reporting

         Activity Reports

         Management Reports (Form C)

         Audit Certificates

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