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Informative Papers on Different Subjects:

31/01/2006 - “Funding for Permanent Staff members under the FP6 AC Cost Model”
09/01/2006 - Overhead Calculations within FP6

Recommendations and Position Papers:

30/07/2007 - Project Work Ethics and Best Practice ***UPDATED***
03/08/2006 - Towards an SME friendly IST programme - Briefing
03/08/2006 - Towards an SME friendly IST programme - Full Paper
30/05/2006 - Study on Influence of Financial Personnel in NMS Countries on FP6 IST participation decisions
16/03/2006 - “Response to Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down the rules for the participation of undertakings, research centres and universities in actions, under the Seventh Framework Programme and for the dissemination of research results (2007-2013)”
09/03/2006 - “Participation of SMEs in Projects in FP6 IST Program feed-back and Recommendations” - Update
08/02/2006 - Recommendations based on the FP6 Audit Certificate Working Notes
25/09/2005 - Response to FP7 Working Document

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