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27/11/2006 - 1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Barcelona, Spain.

The European and International Projects Service (SPEI) of The Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) and the Office for the European Knowledge Area (OEEC) of the Government of Catalonia (Spain), is hosting a 1 day FP7 Financial Workshop on 27 November 2006 in Barcelona.


The workshop will be conducted by the Finance Helpdesk and will be geared towards Financial Issues of Academia and their specific problems, in particular the change from AC to FC.


The specific proposed topics to be covered are:


         Differences between FP6 and FP7

         Funding level of 75% for Universities and SMEs

         Models of overhead calculations (based on case studies) for Higher Educational Institute, faculty and project.

         The change from Flat rate overhead rate to actual overhead rate

         Personnel cost calculation - Charging for Permanent Members of Staff as well as “temporary staff”

         Time records and recording - the use of time-sheets and the allocation of working hours per work package and per activity,

         Employment issues calculation of hourly rate (including “maximum” rate calculations), "maximum" hourly rate, the charging of graduate students' fellowships.

         Inter-departmental/faculties/labs charges within EU projects ( the conditions for charging costs of other departments within FP7 projects)

         Reconciliation of costs to accounting records for the organisation

         Detailed definitions (by example) of eligible costs - salary, subcontractors, materials, durable equipment, etc. Rules to define whether cost is eligible.

         Non-eligible direct costs

         Definition of indirect direct costs to be included in overheads and how they differ from direct costs.

         Required documentation for costs

         Preparation of Financial reports (Management reports - Form C in FP6) – and reconciliations to other reports

         Audit Certificates

         The Role of the coordinator  - focused in the financial matters

         Consortium agreements – in brief about the financial matters

         NoEs  - focused in the financial matters

         Payment to Third parties.


For more information and registration, please see the OEEC’s agenda:


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