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01/11/2006 - Financial Aspects of RTD Contracts - Kharkov, Ukraine

There will be a one-day workshop 1 November in Kharkov - Ukraine, which will provide training on the Financial Aspects of RTD Contracts to SMEs in Ukrainian incubators working in the ICT sector.

The workshop will focus on the new FP7 Financial Regulations the Framework Program from the SMEs perspective. The workshop is held as part of the BOOST-IT project which assists European Incubated Start up Companies working in the ICT sector.


Goal of the workshop is:

1. To encourage Incubated companies to regard Framework Program R&D projects as an effective way to grow their companies.

2. To provide them with the basic information on the FP7 Financial Regulations to allow them to best assess benefits and costs.


For more information, please contact Michael Remes Michael@efpconsulting.com.

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