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Upcoming Webinar Dates:

28/10/2021       MSCA Doctoral Networks Proposal Writing Training 2021

04/11/2021       1 Day Financial Masterclass Webinar

09/11/2021       1/2 Day Ethics in H2020 and Horizon Europe Webinar

18/11/2021       Horizon Europe Financial Issues

To view full list of Webinars please click here.


The Finance Helpdesk is now on Twitter – please join us. Any feedback is appreciated http://twitter.com/FinanceHelpdesk 


Welcome to the Finance-Helpdesk. This facility was started by the Finance-NMS-IST Project, with the support of the IST Program. This website acts as a portal and a helpdesk for the latest FP financial information. Don't forget to register with us here to be able to download documents, use the confidential helpline and to receive our Financial Newsletters. 

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