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14/10/2019 - How to avoid errors when claiming costs in H2020 grants document published.


The Commission have received feedback from the H2020 Audits and in response have published a document, dated 14.10.19, about how to avoid errors when claiming costs in H2020 grants.


The most common errors made by audited beneficiaries are as follows:


Personnel costs

- incorrect calculation of productive hours

- ineligible remuneration costs for the calculation of the hourly rates for both actual costs and for average personnel costs

- incorrect time claimed.


Subcontracting and other direct costs

- costs without valid supporting documents.

- costs not foreseen in the grant agreement or agreed by EU services.


Other direct costs

- errors in equipment costs due to no direct measurement of the costs

- lack of adequate supporting documents for other goods and services

- travel costs not related to the action or missing supporting documents


To download the full document please click here.


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