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Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #2

01.03.2006 - Finance Helpdesk Newsletter


Attending final review costs

Use of Third Parties in FP6 Projects

Updated Commission Slides Available

Recording Hours Guidelines

Recommendations based on the FP6 Audit Certificate Working Notes

Goodies section of Finance Helpdesk website

Financial Helpline


Attending final review costs

In FP5, only the Coordinator could charge after the project end date in order to complete deliverables. This changed in FP6. All partners can now charge to attend the final review even if the review takes place after the project end date.


"Eligible costs must be incurred during the duration of the project, with the exception of final reports where costs are eligible up to 45 days (or 90 days, if an extension is requested by the coordinator on behalf of the consortium) after the end of the project to assess the deliverables and the draft final reports. If the results of the review are used by the consortium to draw the final reports, then the costs of the review are considered as "incurred in drawing up the final reports" and are eligible."


Thus now in FP6, the whole consortium can charge costs relating to the final review after the project end date – if you word it correctly.


Use of Third Parties in FP6 Projects

The use of Third Parties appeared in FP6 and there has been much misunderstanding on how to use them and when to use Special Clause 23.


We have produced a leaflet which we hope will explain things.

To view the leaflet click here.


Updated Commission Slides Available

The latest updated slides that were presented to IST Coordinator’s at the 3rd Coordinators Project Management day have been uploaded under our Goodies section.


The presentations include:

ü        Reports and Reviews;

ü        Audit Certificates;

ü        Financial Statements;

ü        Amendments to contracts.


To view, please press here.


Recording Hours Guidelines

The leaflet with Guidelines on how to record personnel costs correctly within FP6 projects is now available in Slovak and Portuguese as well as the original English.


To download the leaflets, please click here.


Recommendations based on the FP6 Audit Certificate Working Notes

An Interdepartmental Audit Certificate Working Group produced a document called the “FP6 Audit Certificate Working Notes” in June 2005.


The working notes were prepared to assist both contractors and external auditors for projects, under the European Commission's 6th Framework Program (FP6).


The Interdepartmental Audit Certificate Working Group had representatives from each of the research DGs.


The aims of this critical analysis of the notes are as follows:


1.       Suggestions for revisions to the working notes for FP6.

2.       Suggestions as to how similar working notes could be developed for FP7.


EFPConsulting have produced recommendations to the Commission to add to the Working Notes


To view the recommendations please click here.


Goodies section of Finance website:

Under the “Goodies” section of the website we have the following material available for download:


Commission Presentations / Documents

      - publicly available Commission slides, FAQs, and documents.

Informal Supplement Resources

      - Financial Workshop Slides

      - Timesheet examples

      - Budget Tables

      - Papers

      - Leaflets

Public Deliverables

      - Public deliverables of the Finance-NMS-IST Project.


Financial Helpline:

If you received notification of this newsletter by email, then you have already registered with the Finance Helpdesk, which allows you use the free, confidential, Financial Helpline facility.

If you are not registered then please do so here.




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