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Below are some leaflets on various subjects that can be printed out onto 1 sheet of A4 Paper and distributed:

09/06/2009 - Use of Subcontractors in FP7 - Version1.1
22/02/2009 - FP7 Research for SMEs – Budget Calculation
20/11/2008 - FP7 Overheads
07/10/2008 - FP7 Bookkeeping
02/09/2008 - FP7 Financial Audits
09/12/2007 - Issues surrounding 60% Derogation Overhead Rate for SMEs
23/10/2007 - Recording Hours Guidelines For FP7 Projects
15/10/2007 - How to Deal With VAT & Taxes In FP7 Projects
29/08/2007 - How to Calculate Man Months and Man Month Rates

25/06/2006 - How to deal with VAT and Taxes in FP6 Projects.


22/06/2006 - Audit Reports (Certificates) within FP6


31/05/2006 - Collective Financial Responsibility Explained


11/05/2006 - Our Latvian Partner has provided the following leaflets based on the ones below:

                          -          Darba stundas,

                          -          Personu izmaksas,

                          -          Tresa puse.

06/03/2006 - How to Calculate Employer Personnel Costs in FP6

                   (English), (Slovak), (Estonian), (Czech), (Polish), (Slovenian).

01/03/2006 - Use of Third Parties in FP6 Projects

                   (English), (Slovak), (Czech), (Polish), (Slovenian).

25/12/2005 - How to Correctly Record Personnel Costs within FP6 projects

                   (English), (Slovak), (Portuguese), (Estonian), (Czech), (Polish), (Slovenian). 

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