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Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #8

04.02.2007 - Finance Helpdesk Newsletter Number 8


Finance Helpdesk Downloads

FP7 Draft Grant Agreement Available

FP7 Funding Rates and Activities

New FP7 STREP Budgeting Spread-sheet


FREE downloadable FP7 book published

FP7 NCP Training Financial Presentations available

Public Finance Helpdesk Workshops


Finance Helpdesk Downloads:

The Finance Helpdesk holds many Downloads and produces FREE Informative Papers, and Templates on the Financial aspects of the Framework Program. Some of which are available through this newsletter.


The Finance Helpdesk website continues to be FREE however it has changed its way of working. In order to download from our website from now on, you have to be a registered user and login to the website. Please only login if the system prompts you to do so. 


To become a registered user is FREE, quick, simple, and can be done here. This registration is only required once. Thereafter, you have to remember your username (email) and password. If. Please note that is you register more than once, the system will freeze you out. If this has happened to you, or if you have forgotten your password and wish a reminder please click here.


By registering, you have FREE access to all downloads held on the Finance Helpdesk Website. If you have received this newsletter by Email, then you are already registered and do not need to do so again.


FP7 Draft Grant Agreement Available:

The European Commission has published a draft grant agreement for the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).


The main sections of the draft standard grant agreement comprising the core text and the 'general conditions' is available now, however, other important will be available later on.


The Grant agreement is the most important document one available form the financial aspects perspective, in particular, as we understand that there will be NO FINANCIAL Rules produced for FP7. Instead it is planned that there will be a commentary on the Grant Agreement.


The drafts are still drafts and are still subject to ongoing consultations.

To access the draft agreement, please click here.


FP7 funding rates & activities:

There is a summary table on this here.

However we would like to point out a few important changes to the funding that is being introduced into FP7.


1.       The Consortium Management activity at 100% is no longer capped at 7%, however, you would have to have very good justifications as to why you are going over (particularly in ICT).

2.       Dissemination will now be funded at 100%


New FP7 STREP Budgeting Spread-sheet:

The Finance Helpdesk has published their “STREP Spread sheet” tool which is in line with the new FP7 Grant Agreement – in particular the changed dissemination funding rules.


We invite FP7 proposers to make use of this tool.

To download the tool, click here.



The EPSS software tool is expected to be available for this call from around 19 March 2007 and it is mandatory to use this tool. This means that for the first call there will be a big rush once to tool is available. Ensure that you have all the information ready for inputting as soon as the EPSS comes online.


FREE downloadable FP7 book published:

Version 1.1 of Mr. Myer W. Morron’s new FP7 ICT Book, which follows on from the highly acclaimed FP5 and FP6 versions has been made available today by EFPConsulting Ltd. It includes corrections and updates previously released versions.


The downloadable book continues to be free as it was in the previous framework programs. The book is constantly updated and registered users are notified of important changes and updates by Email.


The book is over 185 pages long and covers subjects such as:


·          Background to changes in FP7

·          Overview of rules of participation

·          Benefits of participation in a Collaborative R&D project

·          Reasons not to participate

·          Brief Overview of Framework Program Seven and CIP

·          FP7 Funding Schemes (Types of Projects)

·          Framework Program Seven changes

·          Partner Search

·          Proposal preparation and submittal

·          What to do if your Proposal Fails

·          Project Roles

·          Financial Aspects

·          Use of External Consultants

·          What to do when your proposal is to be funded

·          Consortium Agreement

·          Problems during the project

·          Project Management

·          Project Ethics and Good Practice

·          European Technology Platforms

·          Ethical Considerations in FP7

·          SME Status

·          Intellectual Property Aspects

·          How to write a proposal


In order to download the book please register once on the EFPConsulting site (not to be confused with your registration to the Finance Helpdesk), which allows you unlimited access to the book and its updates by logging in.


To download, please click here.


FP7 NCP Training Financial Presentations available:

The financial presentations given by the Commission to train the National Contact Points are available for download from our website.


Please click here to download the presentations.


Public Finance Helpdesk Workshops:


2 Day Proposal Writing Workshop in Brussels, Belgium.


In response to requests, The Finance Helpdesk together with Alprocor Belgium and EFPConsulting, are holding an open 2 Day Proposal Writing Workshop on 21 & 22 March 2007, in Brussels Belgium.


The workshop is aimed at people from organisations who are interested in taking part in an FP7 project proposal. The workshops shortcut the learning curve for writing a quality proposal with a higher chance of success and cover such areas as: background reading and considerations before you begin; detailed discussion of the “do’s and don’ts” of each proposal section; budgetary and other financial considerations.


This workshop is an interactive workshop with the participants acting as evaluators in order to best understand what makes a good or a bad proposal.


For more information please click here.


1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Brussels, Belgium.

To answer the overflow of demand for our February Workshop in Brussels, the Finance Helpdesk will be holding an additional open 1 day FP7 Financial Workshop on 20 March 2007, in Brussels, Belgium.


The workshop will be aimed at project managers and is particularly relevant to anyone who wants to understand the FP7 Financial Rules and how to report correctly.


The Workshop will cover:


·          Differences between FP6 and FP7

·          FP7 Financial Rules

·          Budgeting Rules

·          Flat rate Overheads Vs Real Costs (FC Calculation)

·          Derogation Scheme

·          Cost Recording

·          Eligible Costs

·          In-House Financial Recording Systems

·          Cost Reporting

·          Management Reports (Form C)

·          Audit Certificates

·          Final Payments


For more information please click here.


2 Day in-depth FP7 Financial Workshop

The Finance Helpdesk will be holding a series of 2 Day in-depth FP7 Financial Workshop targeted at Accountants, Auditors and Financial Personnel.


Workshop Aim:

To ensure the attendees have all the tools required to interpret and implement the new rules of FP7. This is key in enabling them to understand and implement their own, or their clients’ financial responsibilities and options in applying for and undertaking an EU RTD project.


The Workshops will include specially prepared materials including: presentations, exercises and workbooks with illustrated examples. These workshops will be conducted by experienced qualified accountants.


The Finance Helpdesk Workshop will be implemented through:


·          Explaining and interpreting current written published material,

·          Case Studies and examples,

·          Discussion of problems and situations from the participants,

·          Consultants’ extensive experience in the EU Framework Programs.


Workshop topics:


·          Funding Schemes

·          Differences between FP6 and FP7

·          FP7 Participation, Subcontractors, Third Parties

·          Risk-sharing Finance Facility, Guarantee Mechanism

·          Funding Regimes, Lump Sums, Flat Rates

·          Funding Rates, Activities

·          Personnel Costs, Average Personnel costs, Employment issues, Students

·          Receipts

·          Eligible & Ineligible costs

·          Going from AC to Full Costs

·          Overheads, Possible Methods, Direct Costs Vs Indirect Costs,

·          Financial Planning, Financial Spreadsheet

·          Bookkeeping, Accounting Records, Timesheets, Cost Recording

·          Financial Reporting, Timing and approval of financial reports

·          Certificate on Financial Statement

·          EU Audits / Liquidated Damages

·          Consortium Agreement financial Issues

·          The Role of the Coordinator


For more information please click here.



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