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Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #44

New Procedures with FP7 Financial Reporting

Finance Helpdesk Workshops now held in Vienna Austria

Horizon 2020 at a Glance leaflet published

Some Horizon 2020 Teasers

Upcoming Finance Helpdesk Workshops

Finance Helpdesk Webinars

Final Draft of FP7 Book

New Horizon 2020 Book



New Procedures with FP7 Financial Reporting:

FP7 is now in its last year and people, quite naturally, start concentrating on the new Financial Rules and regulations of Horizon 2020.

It is important not to forget the FP7 rules and regulations however as there are still many years to go before the final FP7 Projects are completed.

In particular, the interpretations of the FP7 Financial Rules and regulations have completely changed within the last 6 months.


Changes from the last 6 months that affect reporting include:

· Inputs into NEF (during Negotiations or via Amendments)

· Description of Work

· Differences between different units

· Differences between Financial Officers

· Changes with Uploading Deliverables

· FORM C input

· Justification of Resources

· Funding distribution between Partners

· CVs of Key Staff

The Finance Helpdesk will be holding a few specialised open workshops to assist organisations to understand the important changes in FP7 reporting including the differences between the different units.

These workshops will be held later in the year – please follow us on twitter to be the first to hear of the dates.

The Workshops will be interactive and include exercises.

Finance Helpdesk Workshops now held in Vienna Austria:

The Finance Helpdesk are going to be holding workshops in Austria starting from October


The first two workshops are:

28/10/2013 1 Day Getting ready for Horizon 2020 Workshop.

11/11/2013 2 Day Marie Curie FP7 Reporting and Getting ready for Horizon 2020 Workshop.


We look forward to seeing you in Vienna.


Horizon 2020 at a Glance leaflet published:

The Finance Helpdesk has published the first in a series of leaflets on Horizon 2020.

This first leaflet is titled “Horizon 2020 at a Glance”

To download, please click here.


Some Horizon 2020 Teasers:


Changes to the Grant agreement include:

·         A single document with all provisions (no more Core +Annex II)

·         No more specific Annex III or special clauses. All provisions will be integrated in the grant agreement

·         On-line explanations for each part of the grant ("annotated GA")


Changes in Implementation:

·         Electronic signature Of the Grant Agreement,

·         Electronic signature Of the Amendments,

·         Electronic signature of Financial Statements,

·         Communication between the Commission and beneficiaries through the Participant Portal.


Changes in Certification:

         Certificates on Financial Statements - only if total amount of the grant of the beneficiary is ≥ EUR 325,000 at the time of the payment of the balance,

         Certificates on the Methodology - as an option when using unit costs for direct personnel costs.


Changes in Personnel Costs:

         Clarification of special cases such as in-house consultants,

         Define the standard formula for the calculation of the hourly rates,

         Time Recording requirements will be defined,

         Specific provisions for personnel costs, list of types of costs which may be considered "direct" (including explanations), etc.


Other Changes:

         Definition of what is a direct cost for an H2020 project,

         Non-Deductible VAT shall (mostly) be Eligible,

         Possibly introducing the ability to use average exchange rates for cost reporting,

         Financial viability checks only on Coordinators.


For more information, we would be happy to see you at one of our workshops.


Upcoming Finance Helpdesk Public Workshops:


28/10/2013 1 Day Getting ready for Horizon 2020 Workshop In Vienna, Austria.

11/11/2013 2 Day Marie Curie - FP7 Reporting and Getting ready for Horizon 2020 Workshop in Vienna, Austria.

We finally have enough information to be able to offer Horizon 2020 Proposal Writing workshops.

14/11/2013 2 Day Horizon 2020 Proposal Writing Workshop in London – Heathrow, UK.

05/12/2013 2 Day Horizon 2020 Proposal Writing Workshop in London – Heathrow, UK.

Finance Helpdesk Webinar:

Following the very successful launch of the Finance Helpdesk Webinars last year, the Finance Helpdesk provides Webinars on specific topics.


There are two ways that we provide Webinars:

1)   Via Public registration

2)    Via specific Projects or Organisations.


1)    Via Public Registration:

Finance Helpdesk Public Webinars are given on a first come first serve basis. A list of upcoming Webinars and registration can be found via the Catalogue which can befound here. Please note, we add dates and topics constantly. For more information, just keep an eye on the Catalogue page (we suggest you bookmark it).

These Webinars last for 90 mins each and are highly interactive for the best learning experience.

Some of the Webinars are free and some incur a fee.

We invite you to join us.


2)    Via specific Projects or Organisations

The Finance Helpdesk provides Webinar services that are specifically tailored to Projects or to Organisations. For Example:

Project “A” wishes the Finance Helpdesk to provide Webinars to their Project Partners only on specific subjects such as:

·         How to prepare for filling in Form Cs

·         How to correctly calculate Personnel Costs

·         How to prepare for an Audit

·         etc


In this case, the Finance Helpdesk will prepare tailored Webinars for the Project. The Project would receive their own Catalogue link from which to register from.


Final Draft of FP7 Book:

The Final draft of Myer Morron’s FP7 Book was published on 31 July 2013. It is not planned that there be any more updates.

To download please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.


New Horizon 2020 Book:

A new book aimed at Horizon 2020 will be published next month. Please ensure that you follow us on twitter to get notification as soon as it is out.







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