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FP7 Financial Info and FAQs --> Personnel Costs, Average Personnel costs, Employment issues, Students --> Personnel Costs

Q: In FP7, Universities can charge the personnel costs of permanent staff members. We have permanent staff members who have not a full time contract, but only part time contracts (e.g. some part time contracts have the extent of 65%, of these 65% some part is dedicated to research, some part to teaching). If these staff members work on an FP7 project beyond the extent of this part-time contract, is it possible to charge the time exceeding the part-time contract also to the FP7 project? Should an additional contract covering the FP7 project work be issued?
Q: Can academic permanent staff (professors, associate professors etc) be paid by a project under the category of RTD?
Q: How do you calculate an academic teacher’s manrate in FP7?
Q: Can bonuses or extra salary be eligible in FP7?
Q: Can we charge for a researcher’s sick leave?
Q: How do we calculate a person month?

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