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FP7 Financial Info and FAQs --> Overheads, Possible Methods, Direct Costs Vs Indirect Costs --> Overheads FAQs

Q: On activities that are reimbursed at 100% can we also charge for overheads?
Q: Who is allowed to opt for the 60% flat rate?
Q: If a university only gets a grant of 75% who pays for the other 25%?
Q: Is it correct to apply one overhead rate for personnel costs and a fixed overhead rate of 20% for Management?
Q: The academics were used to use AC cost model during FP6. Is it optional to use FC model or transition derogation during FP7?
Q: In case of partners using the FC model what is the basis of overhead calculation? Can overhead be calculated on travel costs, as well?
Q: Should a non-profit organization which used FCF model in FP6 use a fixed overhead rate of 20% in FP7? If not, can it use the overhead rate of 60%?
Q: Is it possible for an SME that was using the FC cost model in FP6 to switch to a flat rate for FP7?
Q: When taking part in a CSA the Commission us to change our indirect cost method to 20% although only a max. of 7% will be reimbursed. Is it possible to change it back to 60% for our RTD projects?
Q: Concerning the full cost model for universities: 1) Is overhead in FC model calculated from the labour cots or total costs of the project? 2) How EU accept the FC models of each university? 3) The actual overhead will change every year. Can we use every year a new percentage?
Q: What could be included under overheads?
Q: We are preparing Large-scale integrating project. In order to calculate Indirect cost, does the method of specific flat rate of 60% of direct cost apply for non-profit public bodies, secondary and higher education establishments, research organizations and SMEs?

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