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Q: Who must sign the time sheets? Which information should the time sheets contain? How should a time sheet template look like?
Q: If we pay a PhD student from the project funds then how should we show that this student actually worked for the project? Must s/he also maintain a time sheet? Must his/her name appear on a deliverable?
Q: If a person manually fills in time sheets for each EU project s/he is involved in, then who and how checks that overall time of involvement into the project does not exceed the limit?
Q: My Institution is currently coordinator of a SSA which includes many Latin-American Partners. Some of these partners have "problems" related to money management in their institutions or countries. They ask if we, as coordinators, can manage their part of budget, i.e. not delivering funds to the Institution but using their funds to purchase their e-flight tickets, cover their travel expenses, etc. If allowed, how should the coordinator report these expenses to the EC? What about the audits?
Q: When it comes to indirect costs, what makes them correctly recorded and allocated on projects under FP6? Are there any minimum technical/IT requirements so to make sure that such costs are correctly tracked? If not what does make the overhead rate calculation "accurate" in auditing terms?
Q: In FP6 projects do staff personnel working on a project but not charged on it, have to keep time sheets for the work performed?
Q: Is each partner required to open a separate bank account dedicated to the project?
Q: Is it necessary to rebook the personal costs of the project onto a "project cost centre" or are the records in the annual accounts and in the books of account adequate (FC and AC)?

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