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Q: Is it true that VAT is covered in the overheads?
Q: Can I claim overhead costs on Audit Certificates?
Q: As a SME company we are using FCF cost model(20% flat rate) in all projects. Can we use change to the FC cost model in a Specific Support Action project?
Q: What is the maximum percentage rate that can be used for overheads when using FC model?
Q: How can we confirm our calculation of the overhead costs before we charges this costs to the European commission. Is there a department or another responsible person who confirms such sort of calculation in advance?
Q: Re: calculation of indirect costs; We take into account in indirect costs the following: a) cost of board member in charge of R&D is spread across all R&D engineers and b) cost of R&D Office Team in charge of R&D processes and infrastructures. Can these types of indirect costs can be included in the cost statements?
Q: I would like to know if usual office supplies (paper, copying,...) can be considered as eligible direct costs in fp6 projects or if these costs should be considered as indirect costs whatever the cost model used (FC, FCF or AC)? Same question for the purchase of books/scientific documentation.

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