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In an R&D project, claims are normally made at the end of each year or occasionally at the end of six months from formal start date of the project via a Cost Statement. The actual period is determined during contract negotiation. It is foreseen in FP6 that for example STREPs may be able to negotiate substantially different periods with valid reasons. The cost claim is submitted to the Coordinator by each partner within thirty days, normally with an Audit Certificate. It is usually accompanied with a progress report. These are then consolidated and checked by the Coordinator who passes them onto the Project Officer for checking and payment less any advance. The Commission normally has sixty days to pay with interest due if they are late. Time spent while waiting for any supplementary information or justifications is not included in the sixty days. The key source of information with respect to this aspect is the contract and in particular Annex 2.

Internal or intra participant cross purchasing

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