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FP6 Financial Info & FAQs --> Project --> Claiming Money --> Internal or intra participant cross purchasing

In many projects the situation often arises where a participant wishes to make use of a product, equipment, service or material that it itself supplies as part of its normal business. It has traditionally been possible to put such a charge against the project for this when required if it has been foreseen in the Technical Annex and the amount can be shown not to contain any profit. This can be demonstrated if the price can be build up from its manufacturing or supply cost and not as a discount on its normal selling price. In the past I have used the “internal transfer price” that the company normally used for in house purchase of its own products.


A similar situation often arises if a partner requires to buy a product from a different partner for use in the project.  The same answer applies i.e. if a non-profit cost is used and it has been foreseen in the Technical Annex to the contract.


In all such cases, it is advisable to discuss this specifically with the Project Officer ahead of time with agreement in writing in case of any future questions on the subject. This is particularly important as it is obviously an area if not strictly supervised could lead to significant abuse.

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