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Project Related EU Information

Exchange rates
FP6 Financial Guidelines
Model Contracts
Official table of all Special Clauses
Special clauses guide
FP6 Audit Certificates - Working Notes
Contract preparation forms (CPFs) and Negotiation guidance notes
Project Reporting Tools and Templates (including form C)
IPR Helpdesk

IST Related Links

IST Book by Myer Morron
IST Cordis Homepage
IST Europa Homepage
IST Calls
IST Activities
IST Partner Search
IST Results

General Relevant Official EU Information

Proposed rules of participation in FP7 - COM(2005) 705 final
Commission 2004 Annual Report
Past Issues of the Commission Annual Report
The European Court of Auditors
Financial identification BA (bank account)
Identification of legal entities
EU Financial Publications
Official Financial Framework Documents

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