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We strongly recommend referring to the signed contract and all its annexes before completing any forms (including form C) for reporting to EU, in order to check that the reports comply with the contact. In addition, before completing form C, make sure that the compiler is thoroughly familiar with the Financial Guidelines.


Daily rates from European Central bank
Daily rates from European Central bank (2)
Daily rates since 1999
Daily rates for the last 90 days
For FP5 projects and link to daily rates using “Official Euro Site”

Background Information:

FP6 quotes:

Therefore, costs incurred in currencies other than the Euro shall be reported in Euro on the basis of:

·                the conversion rate that would have applied on the date that the actual costs were incurred (see note 203 below)


·                the rate applicable on the first day of the month following the end of reporting period. – (i.e. final date for reporting on form C)


Note: 203 - That is the date the costs are entered into the books for organisations working on an accrued accounting basis. However for organisations working on a cash basis it will be the date that the costs are identified in their bank statement i.e. the date of transferring the payment to the provider's account.


The Financial Guidelines themselves refer to:

The daily exchange rates are fixed by the European Central Bank and may be obtained at the following internet address: or in the relevant OJ of the European Union (see note 204 below).


Note: 204 - For the days where no daily exchange rate has been published (for instance Saturday and Sunday), you should take the rate on the next day of publication.


The exchange rate is also available from the Official Journal site:,424785:cs,424609:cs,424597:cs,424439:cs,424294:cs,424194:cs,424181:cs,424105:cs,424095:cs,&pgs=10&hwords=Exchange%20Rates~&val=424792:cs&lang=en&nbl=1937&pos=1&page=1 (Official Journal – OJ)

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