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14/01/2007 - Finance Helpdesk Downloads – Register NOW.

The Finance Hepdesk holds many Downloads and produces FREE Informative Papers, and Templates on the Finacial aspects of the Framework Program.


In order to download from our website from now on, you have to be a registered user and login to the website. Please only login if the system prompts you to do so.  


To become a registered user is FREE, quick, simple, and can be done here. This registration is only required once. Thereafter, you have to remember your username (email) and password. If you forget your password and wish a reminder please click here.


By registering, you have FREE access to all the downloads on the Finance Helpdesk Website, and will be put on the Finance Helpdesk Bulletin Mailing list which is sent out approximately once every two months.


The Finance Helpdesk will not pass your details onto any other party. You may ask to be “unregistered” at any time by emailing your request here.

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