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09/03/2006 - ‚ÄúParticipation of SMEs in Projects in FP6 IST Program feed-back and Recommendations‚ÄĚ Updated Report available

Mr Myer Morron, CEO of EFPConsulting Ltd. Has updated his report on the SME Participation in the FP6 IST Program.

His original report was used and quoted in the Gago Report.


The Main changes / updates from previous version are as follows -


1.                  Broadened beyond Integrated Projects.

2.                  Impact of delays in contract signature and transfer of prepayments.

3.                  Micromanagement by Project Officers.

4.                  Lack of effective training for Project Officers.

5.                  Problems with interpretation of new rules by Evaluators.

6.                  Lack of use of weights in evaluation scoring

7.                  Variations in interpretation by different directorates.

8.                  Impact on project overheads caused by larger projects.

9.                  Various problems and inconsistencies in Financial Guide.

10.                Lack of knowledge of financial rules.

11.                Problems with having SMEs in NoEs.

12.                Problems with lack of anonymity in technical evaluation.

13.                Problems with the SME program itself.

14.                Results of final Gago and Marimon reports and addition of Ormala report.

15.                Lack of guidelines for project participation and management ethics and good practice.

16.                Impact of European Technology Platforms


To view this report, Please click here.

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