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Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #57

Upcoming Open Finance Helpdesk Workshops

Horizon Europe

Funding and Tenders Portal

How to avoid errors when claiming costs in H2020

H2020 Audit Documents

Form C Helper

Want the Finance Helpdesk as a partner?


Upcoming Open Finance Helpdesk Workshops:

Our Financial Workshops have been majorly updated, including an Introduction to Horizon Europe. Now, would be the time to come back for a refresher course.


04/12/2019       1 Day Ethics in H2020 Workshop

05/12/2019       1 Day Financial Masterclass in Vienna, Austria.



Please Remember: The Finance Helpdesk is happy to come to your premises and hold a Customised Workshop for your Organisation or Project. Please contact us here to find out more.

There is a 5% discount on orders for customised workshops signed by 30 Nov 2019 – Mention Code RE45M


Horizon Europe:

Horizon Europe will be starting in just over 1 year.

This new program has had its normal facelift that happens between every Framework Program.

Horizon Europe’s key words are” Missions” and “Partnerships”



Unfortunately, the program will be come even more political that it has been and we have to adapt proposals to cover this.

The funding for it is being debated by the Member States who want more National Funding.

Currently the proposed amount for Horizon Europe stands at €94.1 billion.


Horizon Europe is going to try and introduce “Lump Sum” methods of payment which will greatly simplify the financial reporting required. Let’s hope that the current trials are successful and that Lump Sums will be launched widely and successfully unlike when tried to do it in FP7.


Funding and Tenders Portal:

The Funding and Tenders Portal has been online for some time now, and that is the official place where the H2020 documents are published and updated by the Commission. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to find the correct page. Of course, the Finance Helpdesk keeps the important Financial documents on our website, however, please bookmark the page for the Official H2020 Documents for your information.

Please note that there is no easy way to see if documents are updated other than going into them.


How to avoid errors when claiming costs in H2020

The Commission have received feedback from the H2020 Audits and in response have published a document, dated 14.10.19, about how to avoid errors when claiming costs in H2020 grants.


The most common errors made by audited beneficiaries are as follows:


Personnel costs

- incorrect calculation of productive hours

- ineligible remuneration costs for the calculation of the hourly rates for both actual costs and for average personnel costs

- incorrect time claimed.


Subcontracting and other direct costs

- costs without valid supporting documents.

- costs not foreseen in the grant agreement or agreed by EU services.


Other direct costs

- errors in equipment costs due to no direct measurement of the costs

- lack of adequate supporting documents for other goods and services

- travel costs not related to the action or missing supporting documents


To download the full document please click here.


H2020 Audit Documents:

The Commission have published some (not all) of the H2020 documents you should receive with the Letter you receive informing you of an upcoming Audit.

To view please click here.


Form C Helper

In our workshops we discuss and go over a form C helper, we have been asked to make it public.

We have decided to add it to our website under “Tools” but please use it as a template to adapt one for your own use. Our Workshop participants will know exactly how to use it and what modifications need to be done.


Want the Finance Helpdesk as a partner?

The Finance Helpdesk always have to have UpToDate perspective of the submission process and project workings.

In order to do this, we are looking to join a few proposals/projects.

We are able to assist with all the admin aspects of projects and some actual project work as well across many different subjects. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us here, providing a bit of background information, and we will be in touch.



The Finance Helpdesk Team.



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