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Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #53

Upcoming Open Finance Helpdesk Workshops

Subcontractors in H2020 Leaflet Published

Updated Model Grant Agreement V4.0

Update to the Horizon 2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreements V4.0

H2020 Guidance on List of issues applicable to particular countries is updated V1.3

Ethical Managers


Upcoming Open Finance Helpdesk Workshops:


Our Financial Workshops have been majorly updated, now would be the time to come back for a refresher course.


04/07/2017            2 Day Financial Workshop in Vienna, Austria.

11/07/2017            1 Day Marie Curie Workshop in Vienna, Austria.

12/07/2017            1 Day ERC Workshop in Vienna, Austria.



EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – for the first time the Finance Helpdesk is offering 10% off any registrations to the above workshops if they are booked by 24 May 2017.



Please Remember: The Finance Helpdesk is happy to come to your premises and hold a Customised Workshop foryour Organisation or Project. Please contact us here to find out more.


Subcontractors in H2020 Leaflet Published:

The Finance Helpdesk has published a Subcontractors in H2020 Leaflet.

To download, please click here.


Updated Model Grant AgreementV4.0:

The Horizon 2020 Model Grant Agreements have been updated on 28 Feb 2017 to version 4.0.

A document showing the changes between the different versions has also been published

To view both please click here.


Update to the Horizon 2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreements V4.0:

The H2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreement was updated on 21 April November 2016 to be in line with the Updated Model Grant Agreement V4.0. The "history of changes" table at the beginning of the document lists the updated articles. In addition, a small green sign was put on the left-hand margin of the document next to the changed paragraphs /sections.

To download, please click here.


H2020 Guidance on List of issues applicable to particular countries is updated V1.3:

The H2020 Guidance on List of issues applicable to particular countries was updated on 21 April 2017 to version 1.3 and now includes updates for France, Italy and Slovenia.

To view please click here.


Ethical Managers:

Ethics is given the highest priority in EU funded research: all the activities carried out under Horizon 2020 must comply with ethical principles and relevant national, EU and international legislation.

The most common ethical issues include:

  • privacy and data protection issues,
  • the involvement of children, patients, vulnerable populations,
  • the use of human embryonic stem cells,
  • research on animals and non-human primates.


The Finance Helpdesk has an Ethics wing and they are included in many projects as Ethical Managers to ensure that all the rules are being followed.


If you are interested in inviting the Finance-Helpdesk to participate as a partner in your proposal, please contact info@finance.helpdesk.org in the first instance and include a brief proposal abstract mentioning the call topic.



The Finance Helpdesk Team.



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