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Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #51

Upcoming Open Finance Helpdesk Workshops

Personnel Costs - Calculating the Hourly Rate

Certificate on the Financial Statement (CFS) in H2020

H2020 General Model Grant Agreement Version 3

H2020 Personnel Costs special country conditions

Multi-beneficiary Annotated General Grant Agreement V2.1.1

Updated Periodic Reporting Templates

The Finance Helpdesk



Upcoming Open Finance Helpdesk Workshops:


21/11/2016                   1 Day Marie Curie Workshop in Vienna, Austria.

22/11/2016                   1 Day ERC Workshop in Vienna, Austria.

15/12/2016                   1 Day Financial Masterclass in Vienna, Austria.

16/01/2017                   1 Day Proposal Writing Workshop in Vienna, Austria.

17/01/2017                   1 Day Marie Sklodowska Curie Workshop in Vienna, Austria.


2 New Workshops:

Due to requests, the Finance Helpdesk is offering 2 new workshops:


  1. A 1 day Financial Masterclass that will deal with the 3 most asked after H2020 subjects; Personnel costs, Eligible / Ineligible Costs, and online Financial Reporting.

  2. A 1 day Proposal Writing Workshop.


Please Remember: The Finance Helpdesk is happy to come to your premises and hold a Customised Workshop for your Organisation or Project. Please contact us here to find out more.



Personnel Costs - Calculating the Hourly Rate:

In H2020, each beneficiary must use only one method for calculating the hourly rate (per full financial year or per month), in a financial year.

The option that they choose has to be applied for the calculation of actual personnel costs to all its H2020 grants during the financial year. If they want to change from one option to the other, they can only make this change in the next financial year.

However, it is not mandatory to use the same method for the whole duration of the grant, because it is possible for the beneficiary to change the method for all its grants in the next financial year.


Certificate on the Financial Statement (CFS) in H2020:

In H2020 the limit is EUR 325,000 or more before you have to include a CFS with your Financial Report.

This 325,000 does not include costs based on lump sums, flat rates (e.g. indirect costs) or unit costs.

Therefore, the 325,000 does NOT include overheads.


H2020 General Model Grant Agreement Version 3:

On 20 July 2016, the Commission adopted revised Horizon 2020 model grant agreements, providing, among other changes, clarifications, corrections and new rules in favour of beneficiaries that are applied retroactively (without the need for anamendment) to grants signed with the previous version.


The Commission have also produced a short document with an overview of the main changes.


To view both documents please click here.


H2020 Personnel Costs special country conditions:

The List of issues applicable to particular countries (Personnel Costs) was updated to V1.1 and added France and Slovenia.


Currently,there are special provisions for the following countries:


  • Belgium

  • CzechRepublic

  • France

  • Italy

  • Portugal

  • Slovakia

  • Slovenia

  • UnitedKingdom

Before calculating Personnel Costs for H2020 Financial Reporting, participants from the above countries have to familiarise themselves with the document or else they could be making mistakes in their Personnel Costs calculations.


To view please click here.


Multi-beneficiary Annotated General Grant Agreement V2.1.1:

On the 1 July 2016, Version 2.1.1 of the Multi-beneficiary Annotated General Grant Agreement was published.

To download, please click here.


Updated Periodic Reporting Templates:

On the 8th August, the Commission published V1.2 of the H2020 Reporting Templates.

To Download please click here.


The Finance Helpdesk:

Did you know that the Finance Helpdesk could join your consortium as a partner?

Staff at the Finance-Helpdesk have participated in numerous Framework programme projects and have expertise in a wide variety of topics giving added value including:


a) Financial Rules and Assistance with the Budgeting, Negotiations and Reporting.

b) Covering ethical issues and ethical management of the project (Finance-Helpdesk staff are ethical evaluators for the Commission).

c) Red Teaming Proposals.

d) Assisting and advising on project management and quality assurance tasks during the project lifetime.

e) Technical assistance including Health-Care, ICT, Security, Chemistry, Social Sciences etc.

f) Dissemination.

If you are interested in inviting the Finance-Helpdesk to participate as a partner in your proposal, please contact info@finance.helpdesk.org in the first instance and include a brief proposal abstract mentioning the call topic.



The Finance Helpdesk Team.



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