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Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #47

Upcoming Open Finance Helpdesk Workshops

Multi-beneficiary Annotated General Grant Agreement V1.6.2 is available now

Important FP7 Reporting and Grant Agreement Extensions document *Must Read*

ERC Grants

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)


Upcoming Open Finance Helpdesk Workshops:


If you are interested to learn more about H2020 issues, then please join us for one of our upcoming open Workshops being held in Austria.


02/09/2014                          2 Day Marie Curie Workshop in Vienna, Austria.

04/09/2014                          1 Day ERC Workshop in Vienna, Austria.

30/09/2014                          2 Day Financial Workshop in Vienna, Austria.


Please note: If you wish to have a customised in-house workshop for your Organisation or Project, please contact us ASAP to close dates as we are very busy.



Multi-beneficiary Annotated General Grant Agreement V1.6.2 is available now

On the 17 July 2014, Version 1.6.2 of the Multi-beneficiary Annotated General Grant Agreement was published.

To download, please click here.


Important FP7 Reporting and Grant Agreement Extensions document *Must Read*

In June 2014, the Commission sent out an important note to all Coordinators of FP7 Projects.


The note points out that there has been a big increase in lax deadlines and requests for Grant Agreement extensions in FP7 Projects. As a result, Project Officers will become much stricter with these matters.


The note also points out that Coordinators have not been sending out payments to partners promptly – this should not be happening.

“you are reminded that Article II.2.3 a) of the grant agreement stipulates that the coordinator shall ensure that all the appropriate payments are made to the other beneficiaries without unjustified delay. Several cases have recently been identified where the transfers have been subject to lengthy delays. You are asked to ensure that payments to other beneficiaries are made promptly are receiving funds from the European Commission.”


The note has an annex attached that has updated guidelines for FP7 Projects:


(a) In general, amendments of contracts on extensions should only be allowed in exceptional cases.

(b) Any demand for a grant extension may only be accepted for well-justified reasons.

(c) Retroactive demands for grant extensions should not be accepted.

(d) A grant extension should only be accepted if it is caused by events that were not reasonably foreseeable at the point of signing the grant.

(e) Grant extensions should not be granted to allow the continuation of projects without a high scientific or replication value, nor should they be extended because participants or consortia wish to undertake actions (e.g. applying for external authorisation or registration) for their own benefit.

(f) Grant extensions must not be granted because the participant or coordinator has not reacted to proposals or demands from the Commission.

(g) In principle, a grant extension of more than six months could be considered as disproportionate if not due to exceptional reasons. Extensions of longer than six months, or a second extension, must be absolutely exceptional.

(h) Requests for extension of the grant to undertake additional work should not be accepted, even if it is claimed to be without additional cost.

(i) Where reports are not received within the deadlines, services should promptly and systematically move to post-reminder letters, formal notice and finally termination of the agreement.


We urge you to download a read the full note– it is extremely important for running FP7 projects.

To read the full note please download from here.


ERC Grants


The 2014 ERC Advanced Grants call is now open, and the deadline for applications is 21 October 2014. The overall call budget is €450 million.


Advanced Grants are designed to support excellent Principal Investigators who are already established research leaders with a recognised track record of research achievements during the last 10 years. The previous Advanced Grants call in 2013 saw some 284 proposals funded from 2408 submissions, giving a success rate of just under 12%.


The 2014 Advanced Grants call consists of one call with a single deadline for all three research domains:

  • Physical Sciences and Engineering

  • Life Sciences

  • Social Sciences and Humanities


Further information:

2014 ERC Advanced Grants call page on the Research Participant Portal:



Further information on Advanced Grants onthe ERC website:



The2015 Consolidator Grants call is likely to open in November 2014, with a deadline in March 2015.


Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)


The Horizon 2020 Individual Fellowship Grants call deadline is 11th September 2014. There are two types of Individual Fellowships:


1. European Fellowships

  • Held in EU Member States or Associated Countries

  • Open to researchers either coming to Europe or moving within Europe.

  • Can help to restart research careers after a break such as parental leave.

  • Can also help reintegrate researchers coming back to Europe.


2. Global Fellowships

  • Funds secondments outside Europe for researchers based in the EU or Associated

  • There is a mandatory one-year return period.


European and Global Fellowships can also include a secondment period of up to 3 or 6 months in another organisation in Europe, where this would boost the impact of the fellowship.


The grant provides an allowance to cover your living, travel and family costs. The grant is awarded to your host organisation, usually a university, research centre or a company in Europe. The research costs and overheads of the host organisation(s) are also supported.


European Fellowships last from one to two years, Global Fellowships from two to three years.



The Finance HelpdeskTeam.



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