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Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #42

Finance Helpdesk Webinars are launched

Upcoming Finance Helpdesk Workshops

FREE downloadable FP7 book V2.12 available now.

Commission Staff Changeover

The Run-up to Horizon 2020

Finance Helpdesk Webinars are launched.

The Finance Helpdesk will be holding Webinars periodically on specific topics.

Our first Catalogue contains our online Financial Training Modules targeted towards the Cooperation Program.


Currently, the available Webinars in Catalogue 1 are listed below. Please note, we will be adding many more dates, for more information, just keep an eye on the Catalogue page (we suggest you bookmark it).

To view Catalogue 1 please click here.


Next Public Webinars:


24/09/2012          Webinar: Module 6 - Eligible and Ineligible Costs.

27/09/2012          Webinar: Module 3 - Budgeting for FP7 Proposals.

04/10/2012          Webinar: Module 4 - Personnel Costs


**New** Private Webinars:

The Finance Helpdesk is taking bookings to hold customised Webinars for Projects or in-house for your organisation, for more information please contact us here.


Upcoming Finance Helpdesk Public Workshops:


Want to know what is happening in Horizon 2020 and how this will affect you? Come to our next 3 Day Financial Workshop.


Next Public Workshops:

10/10/2012         3 Day Marie Curie Workshop in London - Heathrow, UK.

15/10/2012         1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in London-Heathrow, UK.

16/10/2012         3 Day Financial Workshop in London - Heathrow, UK.

29/10/2012         2 Day Proposal Writing Master Class in London – Heathrow, UK.

31/10/2012         1 Day FP7 Contract Negotiation and Project Kick-off Workshop in London - Heathrow, UK.


FREE downloadable FP7 book V2.12 available now.

On 28.08.2012 - Version 2.12 of Mr. Myer W. Morron’s FP7 Book was published, This FP7 book follows on from the highly acclaimed FP5 and FP6 versions has been published by EFPC Ltd. It replaces drafts that were previously released.


The downloadable book continues to be free as it was in the previous framework programs. The book is constantly updated and registered users are notified of important changes and updates by Email.


The book covers subjects such as:


·          Background to changes in FP7

·          Overview of rules of participation

·          Benefits of participation in a Collaborative R&D project

·          Reasons not to participate

·          Brief Overview of Framework Program Seven and CIP

·          FP7 Funding Schemes (Types of Projects)

·          Framework Program Seven changes

·          Partner Search

·          Proposal preparation and submittal

·          What to do if your Proposal Fails

·          Project Roles

·          Financial Aspects

·          Use of External Consultants

·          What to do when your proposal is to be funded

·          Consortium Agreement

·          Problems during the project

·          Project Management

·          Project Ethics and Good Practice

·          European Technology Platforms

·          Ethical Considerations in FP7

·          SME Status

·          Intellectual Property Aspects

·          How to write a proposal

·          Horizon 2020


To download, please click here.


Commission Staff Changeover:

In the run-up to Horizon2020, we would expect that many Project Officers will change jobs or retire.

We would thus emphasise that any verbal agreements or understandings you have with Project Officers regarding specific projects be formalised on paper as soon as possible to prevent any misunderstandings with a new Project Officer.


The Run-up to Horizon 2020:

Following on from the above post, there are many changes underway in the Commission in the run-up to Horizon2020. Some units have been or will be completely restructured. These changes could have an impact on your Project as Commission members of staff either leave or change positions. Please ensure that you protect yourselves and your projects.

The next few months will be very exciting as the summer is over and more information about the Financial Rules of Horizon2020 are about to be released. We will be sending out information as we get it so please ensure that you follow us on twitter to get the latest news ASAP



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