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FP7 Financial Info and FAQs --> Funding Regimes, Lump Sums, Flat Rates --> Default funding regime

This regime is similar to the previous FC cost model. It allows all eligible direct and indirect costs to be charged to the project. Costs are reimbursed at different rates according to the activity and project type.


The Community financial contribution is calculated as a maximum percentage (%) of the total eligible costs for a specific action, within the limits permitted by the intensity of the public support, regulated by the Community framework for the state aid to the research and technological development.


In this model the Community financial contribution covers (fully or partly) the total costs. The financial contribution is calculated as a maximum percentage of the total eligible costs of the action (always within the limits of Community State aid framework).  



Large industrial









Other including Consortium Management, Training, Dissemination etc *



* when it can be reported under management costs and not required to be RTD expense


Of course indirect costs (i.e. organisational overheads can be added as before). A fixed default overhead rate option of 20% is also available.


The overhead rate for CSAs (i.e. SAs and CAs) will be limited to 7% instead of 20%.


Natural persons will also be eligible for funding as in FP6. That means that only eligible non-personnel costs will be allowed.


The beneficiary should use the same cost basis already used in other contracts with the Commission within FP7 or if it is a new comer as contractor, it should select a cost basis and maintain it for all its participation in FP7 contracts. Where organisations submit proposals from various departments, it is essential that the first approved proposal basis is used by all departments in future proposals.

Default Funding Regime FAQs

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