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Q: Is there a limit for budget transfer from one cost category to another? If it's justified, is a partner allowed to transfer its personnel cost budget to a subcontracting cost?
Q: For purchase of software to include it under "consumables" do we have to seek competitive tenders from potential suppliers?
Q: Is a partner in a STREP project using the AC model, allowed to transfer labour cost to travel and hardware without exceeding the initial budget? And if so, does he need the written approval of the project officer for this?
Q: How can we transfer budget from one partner to another? Do we need contract amendment?
Q: One partner in an FP6 IP project wants to transfer part of their budget to patent costs. However, this has not been taken into account in the technical annex. Will the patent costs be considered eligible costs in the next cost statement, or should these costs have been included in the technical annex?

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