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Q: As a Project Coordinator of a STREP, I have to get Forms A signed by each contractors. Some of them have declare in the CPF two legal representatives. The question arising is : have these contractors to get the Form A signed twice by their two legal representatives ? At that time of vacations, it could be difficult!
Q: We are in the negotiation phase for an SSA project where the rule is to use flat rate 20% for overheads. We just have been asked to provide the real overheads of each partner. We want to know if this is usual.
Q: 1. What kind of financial documents must be added to the main proposal’s documents? When it comes to financial statements, should they be audited? on what currency basis? 2. If 2005 financials are required but are not ready yet, what can be done? 3. For a periodical reporting - do we need to have it audited by our auditors?

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