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Q: I have to write a work-contract for a partner of the 6th FP. Do I have to mention explicit, that the person will work only within a project in the 6th FP? Or is it enough, If I can testify it by the timesheets and internal papers of the Partner?
Q: We are partners in a running FP6 project and have agreed on our total hours per personnel; we have hired two young researchers, and now we would like to hire another one but with decreased personnel rate and increased number of working hours, taking care that total hours per personnel as agreed within consortium would not be changed; Is that eligible?
Q: In our 6FP project, a key expert has left Contractor and took a job in another company, not part of the Project. He would like to continue to work for the project occasionally, and my company supports this idea. We would pay him directly as individual researcher doing limited amount of research work in his spare time. Since subcontracting is not foreseen in the Project, how can we pay him and get the costs eligible as personnel, direct costs? What terms or conditions need to be in his work contract for this purpose as "freelance" consultant?
Q: How would a self employed consultant, as a member of an eeig calculate (and justify) a certain personnel rate. Since I do not receive a regular income, the planning is difficult and the actual figures vary a lot. Is there something like an official attested rate, which can be applied in such cases?
Q: Within our FP6 project we would like to hire a person to work only on project related activities, i.e. his salary would be eligible personnel cost. If we want to pay him to complete a doctorate (extra cost to be paid to Academia) would this cost be eligible?
Q: Partner X under the FC model, uses a person, who apart from salary has other benefits in his/her payment contract (like a car, or a company mobile phone). These costs have specific entries in the partner’s accounting system. Are these costs acceptable direct costs by the EC?
Q: Within the 6fp program strep project: it necessary to obtain prior approval from project officer to attend a conference in Canada. 2. Can tuition fees be considered an eligible cost for researcher working towards his/her phd. We are AC model
Q: A person from the small member company, who participates in the project is a part owner of the company, and is not an employee. He draws all his income from the company as a “distribution of profit”. However, this profit is in fact his salary and can be traced in the books of the company, that the money received from the project is paid out to the person (after paying all necessary taxes), and not at all profit for other people. Is this cost eligible as personnel cost? As I understand, here, the costs are eligible according to of the "Guide to Financial Issues”, and are not considered as receipts.
Q: In our FP6 IP we permanently need the support of our R&D-consultant, who initially was planned to be only involved in the preparation of the project and on general innovation issues. As it turns out now, he spends most of his time with just this project, coordinating the various project activities in our (rather large) organization and communicating strategic issues top-down and bottom-up. Would there be a way to make these efforts eligible as personnel cost within the project, although there is no subcontracting foreseen in the workplan? We have considered the “In-house Consultant” scheme according to p.146 in the “Guide to Financial Issues”. The situation would meet all criteria, except for the fact, that our consultant works just app. 20% of his time for us (of which however 100% are currently needed for the project in question).
Q: What is the situation of a virtual company in a consortium? I mean a company with employees working at distance. These employees can be considered as in-house consultants (as defined page 146) but not working in the premise of the company. Nothing is said for them in the financial guide.
Q: When determining the annual cost of somebody in order to calculate the hourly rate, do you include social security taxes, payroll taxes, etc, or are these considered indirect taxes? What about contributions to superannuation funds etc which are not called a "tax" but are effectively the same thing as a social security "tax"
Q: A company with legal status of physical person but with an accounting system is classified as an SME according to the financial guidelines page 46. Hence the contractor has a cost model FCF.

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