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Q: Are costs associated to with maternity leave eligible? These include the allowance paid to the employee as well as those related to replacing the person temporarily with another (not only salary but also hiring and termination expenditure).
Q: Can I, as a nursing mother charge to the project the costs of bringing my baby to a project meeting overseas.
Q: Is it possible to pay the project-related trip (or parts of it) to develop cooperation with the partners in the USA?
Q: I am in charge of the management of a NoE. The accounting department of one of the consortium partner’s refused to reimburse her restaurants and hotel bills for her travels related to the project because the bills do not state the name the her University. Is it necessary that the bills mention the Institution name instead to be reimbursed by her accounting department? Even knowing that these bills are related expenses to the project.
Q: Could you please tell me which perdiem rate is used for FP6 projects, in the case of kick off meetings? Also do you need receipts of accommodation, international travel to justify the amount?
Q: In FP6 eligible costs must be "incurred during the duration of the project" according to art. II.19.1c. What is the meaning of "incurred", recorded in the accounts of the institution? Are costs eligible, which are incurred in the partners'' accounts during the project duration for the presentation of papers in meetings happening after the project duration (i.e. the registration fees and travel expenses are paid before project end). Obviously some costs related to theses meetings will be incurred before project end and other after project end. Are those incurred before project end eligible?
Q: Can we charge on the timesheets traveling during holidays / weekends? When we are on consortium meetings abroad can we charge more than the working hours of our organisation (per day)? For example if normal working hours is 7 can we charge 9 when abroad?
Q: Given an FP6 project ends at a certain date, can we charge personnel cost for preparing the required reports after the end of that date? I.e., if the final reporting period is 1/4/05 to 31/3/06, can we charge time spend for reporting and audit preparation in April 06?
Q: When an Institute calculates the year bonus after the reporting period for the working time that passed but overlapped with the project’s period how can the costs be included in Form C? Is it possible to recognize them based only on the posting note when this extra salary has not been paid yet?
Q: The project team is going to attend a project event (workshop) in neighbouring country (only about 200 km) away. The cheapest and most convenient means of transport seems to be car. Can we claim petrol expenses as Travel? If yes, what documentation is needed: receipts, route description showing the distance and volume of petrol used, anything else?
Q: As a project coordinator, we distribute the pre-financing received from the Commission to the Partners. In doing that, the single payments are reduced by the amount of the bank transfer costs, specifically (a) by the costs of the source bank (our bank), and (b) by the costs of the receiving bank (partner’s bank). Are these costs eligible as management costs, and if this is the case, both of them or only (a) costs?
Q: Are the costs derived from the hosting of a consortium meeting allowable and eligible such as meals, the renting of the meeting room?
Q: When you are an AC contractor is internal invoicing of services an eligible cost? An example would be if a department in the organisation develops a webpage or carries out copying because this is cheaper than using an external company? Can a third party purchase services from the contractor and report this as eligible costs?

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