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Q: Are there any circumstances under which a contractor can claim the full cost of equipment in a single reporting period?
Q: In Slovenia we are forced in many EU projects to buy equipment with EU certificate "EUR1" (Made in Europe). Do we really have to buy only equipment, made in Europe or not? What about some equipment for which we cannot get EU certificate, but is of importance for successful project result?
Q: Is it possible for a contractor in an FP6 project to charge to the project as an eligible cost the purchase (or leasing/use) costs an item of durable equipment that they themselves already manufacture and own?
Q: Concerning durable equipment, how is the accounting mechanism of the purchase of this asset? Can the total cost of equipment can be considered as eligible cost or just the depreciation of it?
Q: A software research centre regards computers as expenses. For statutory financial statements they are regarded as such. However, for tax purposes, the national tax law (depreciation) is used as a basis. What procedure is governing FP6 projects: expenses or depreciation?
Q: Do the consortium members have to buy all equipment in the first year or equipment can be bought when needed?
Q: Is software considered as a “consumable” or “durable equipment” cost? If “durable equipment”, does it need to be depreciated according to our accounting conventions and policies?
Q: How do we split equipment costs throughout the project?
Q: We have purchased a server for the use in one of our EC projects. According to the EC rules on depreciation we will only be reimbursed for the percentage use of the equipment in the EC project and this amount of use must be auditable. The server will be available for our EC project 100% of the time, but at the same time it is likely to serve computers that are not connected to the project as well. How do we calculate the percentage use in our case and how do we document it for auditing purposes?

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