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Q: What subcontracting may be carried out under FP6 projects and when?
Q: What other conditions does the contractor have to meet when subcontracting?
Q: What rights and obligations does a subcontractor have?
Q: Is a freelance expert a subcontractor or a temporary employee?
Q: Subcontracting vs. third party resources?
Q: Subcontracting vs. durable equipment / consumables?
Q: Subcontracting audit certificates
Q: Can subcontracting costs be incurred if not foreseen in the initial budget?
Q: Our Subcontractor is insisting he retain the IPR generated by them in the project. Is this allowed?
Q: How to judge if a task to be subcontracted is a minor task? Can we consider a technical service a minor task ? Apart the example given in the financial guidelines for minor tasks, what are the criteria?
Q: What are the conditions under which subcontracting may be carried out under FP6 projects?

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