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Q: What are the differences between the new AC model and the old AC model?
Q: How can we charge Staff costs if we use the AC cost model?
Q: General permanent staff who receive their salary under employment contracts and the costs are funded from the core activities of the institution usually carry out research under national or university research programmes or deliver lectures to the students. In case of involvement in the Community project, such staff cannot continue theirs daily activities; therefore, funding from the university core activities is suspended and salaries are paid from the Community contribution. Will be such costs considered as eligible costs? (Usually PhD students are paid from national resources, therefore participation of PhD students in the Community project will be assigned as partner contribution.)
Q: How can a permanent staff member of a university (AC cost system) be funded through an EU-project?
Q: Do we get a flat rate of 20 % on direct additional costs for management activities under the AC Model?
Q: A lecturer at an institution is on a monthly salary of 3,000 Euros. When the institution successfully concludes a contract with FP6 with them as coordinator for the first time, a new position is created "International Project Director". This lecturer applies for and is appointed to this new full time position at a salary of 5,000 Euros. If he then is charged against the project, would this be certifiable in a Audit certificate check for this project?

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