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Q: How can I claim my audit certificate costs?
Q: How much should an audit certificate cost?
Q: What is this about a 'Competent Public Officer ' (CPO) being able to perform the audits?
Q: When are the costs of audit certificates charged?
Q: In the Guide to Financial Issues as well in Audit Certificate Guidance Notes, there is a statement: "For the two cost reporting models that incorporate a flat rate contribution deemed to cover indirect eligible costs (FCF and AC), the auditor must certify that the correct rate has been used and that it has been applied correctly." What does the Commission mean?
Q: How does a public body establish the legal capacity of the internal audit unit to act as competent public officer?
Q: Can the competent public officer be a staff member of the auditee organisation, as long as they are not closely involved in the contract activity?
Q: How do we demonstrate that the competent public officer is completely independent of the contract activity - scientifically, administratively and financially?
Q: If Clause 39 has been included in an IP or NoE contract and a contractor who’s requested EC contribution is below €150,000 submits an audit certificate to have his prefinancing converted into settled payment, is the cost of this audit certificate an eligible cost and will it be reimbursed?
Q: Does the competent public officer have to possess a recognised qualification in accounting or auditing?
Q: Q1: Could you please describe me what we must add (send to the commission) to audit certificate, if the certificate is issued by "competent public officer". I add explanation - regulation from seminar: "Relevant national authorities establish the legal capacity of the internal audit unit (of a given public body) to act as competent public officer. This is usually done by a letter of notification to (and subsequent letter of confirmation from) the relevant research DG." Q2: What is this letter of notification in case when internal auditor issue a certificate? Who must sign this "letter of notification"? What is the point - content of this letter - I have a problem in translation to our system. What is the "subsequent letter of confirmation form from the relevant research DG." Could you please describe me this? Q3: Do you have any case how to fulfill the proposed form of certificate in case when internal auditor issues the certificate? What we must add to the certificate?
Q: Is the reason that the priority is on the audit certificate to ensure that audits are conducted properly and that everyone recovers the costs in full? I really wanted to fund those using the AC cost model (as they receive 100% funding) from the RTD budget thus preserving as much as possible of the 7% for management resources. Is this also prohibited?
Q: We are an SME company participating in a project under Call4. The question is: do we need to have the audit of our accounts done every year or does it depend on the amount of the grant provided to us within the project activities?
Q: Do we have to name the competent public officer to the Commission in advance of a cost statement?
Q: The purpose of an audit certificate is to give to the Commission reasonable assurance that eligible cost under the project are claimed by the relevant legal and financial provisions. So does the total eligible cost declared in BOX 2 (FORM C) include the total project cost (national and EU part) or just Community part? The question is does the auditor certify the total project cost or just the Community contribution defined in contract (ANNEX 1.)
Q: Is there any difference between the FC and FCF cost models in terms of auditing requirements? What are they precisely?
Q: Can Audit certificates can be charged under activities other than management?
Q: We are project coordinator and in our project we have several partners that for the first year fall into clause 39. We will have an audit, but the auditor cannot give a statement for those partners that fall under clause 39. Will this affect their pre-financing for the coming period?

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