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Q: Do the 100% management costs up to 7% apply only to the new instruments?
Q: Who pays for Bank Charges?
Q: Is it true that management costs apply only to the coordinator?
Q: What is the calculation basis for the 7% limit for the reimbursement of management cost?
Q: The 7% limit for management costs - does this refer to admin/financial management only or does it also include project management which used to be allowed at up to 10%?
Q: Can we offset the cost of bank charges for payment transactions against receipts?
Q: As project coordinator we have opened a specific bank account for the project financial management. May the bank account costs be considered as eligible management costs (reimbursable at 100%)?
Q: I am working for a British SME that is participating in two FP6 projects as an FCF partner. I would like to ask you some more information about the following statement on your website about the FCF model "It is also possible to include non-technical staff such as administrators etc., directly working on the project." Could you perhaps indicate where I could find this back in the EU regulations? Does this mean that we could for example charge the time of our financial administrators making the financial statements on the project? If so how would we do that, because in the description of work of our project this work was not foreseen in the workpackages and would not fit in any of them.
Q: Could you clarify one point. The financial guidelines p.45 that AC can charge the cost of permanent staff involved in the project. Can you clarify that this means TIME spent as well as any other cost (ie travel). Also, this means that 20% overheads cannot be claimed, when can the 20% can be applied on management costs?

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