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Q: Who signs the C Forms?
Q: Are auditors sub-contractors as per the FP6 Guidelines? If so, are they supposed to be reported in Form C as "Third party"?
Q: I''m currently on my first reporting period. My question is about dates. Is there any restriction about the dates in Form C and Audit Certificates?
Q: What is needed for clause 23? It is stipulated an "individual financial statement" for each member. Is it a form C? Is it a special document?
Q: When completing the Form C, if eligible costs are higher than anticipated (i.e overspent), and the requested EC contribution is therefore higher (even though this does not change the amount actually paid by the EC, should the Form C reflect the overspend or not?
Q: How does the consortium get a Form C workbook?
Q: How should the Form C workbook be submitted?
Q: Is there a non-Excel version of the Form C?
Q: We have some partners (Integrated Project) who do not receive funding from the EC. They are contributing without claiming any costs covered from the project. Should these partners fill in a form C?
Q: A contractor participates in FP6 projects funded by different DGs and has received different instructions from the other project's Project Officer (including a different URL for the Form C). What should be done?
Q: Is the use of the Form C workbook mandatory?
Q: In the new Form C there are several options for the legal type: physical person, non-profit, non-commercial, international organisation, SME, other. What is the difference between non-profit and non-commercial?
Q: In the form C, section 2, what is included under adjustment to previous period? Costs from the previous period but not accounted at the time of form C filling? Other items?
Q: When trying to use the Form C for the first time, I get an error as soon as I try to add a third party. What should I do?
Q: How can we deal with Exchange Rates?
Q: The consortium has already submitted a Form C using the old templates. Must they re-submit with the new Form C?
Q: I obtained the approval of my project officer to transfer responsibility for a Work Package from one consortium partner, to another. How should we handle the financial transaction involved, and record it in our respective Form Cs?
Q: When we declare the audit costs of the 1st project phase in the report of the 2nd project phase, should we use the exchange rate for the audit costs valid at the end of period 1 rather than at the end of period 2?
Q: Please explain which conversion rate should I take as date of incurred actual cost? I am spending money in polish zlotys and the cost is connected to different dates during 2006 year. What does it mean "date of incurred actual cost"?

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