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FP6 Financial Info & FAQs --> Proposal --> Cost Models --> Full Cost Model (FC & FCF)

The Full-Cost Model (FC):

The Community financial contribution is calculated as a maximum percentage (%) of the total eligible costs for a specific action, within the limits permitted by the intensity of the public support, regulated by the Community framework for the state aid to the research and technological development.


In this model the Community financial contribution covers (fully or partly) the total costs. The financial contribution is calculated as a maximum percentage of the total eligible costs of the action (always within the limits of Community State aid framework). This model can be used both by beneficiaries subject to or not subject to the Community State aid framework, however the Community financial contribution would be less than (in general) or equal to (in some cases) 100% of the total eligible costs.


For the beneficiaries using the full cost model and its simplified variant (FCF- see 5.1.4 below). The Commission financial contribution is limited to a value equivalent to 35% (demonstration), 50% (research) or 100% (training, management up to 7%) of the recipient's total costs, subject to the respect (or not) of the threshold established by the Community State aid framework (and of the principle of co-financing of the action when the rate and of 100%).


The FCF Model:

The FCF is a simplified variant of the full-cost model where, within the clear concept of FC cost model explained above, a flat-rate rate of a maximum of 20% calculated on the eligible costs of the action, excluding those related to subcontractors (in its widest definition), is allowed to cover all related indirect costs.


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