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Customised Workshops --> 1 Day European Research Council (ERC) Workshop

Workshop Title: 1 Day European Research Council (ERC) Workshop


Workshop Target: Financial, Admin staff, Researchers and Project Managers.


Workshop Aim:  To ensure the attendees have an up-to-date understanding of ERC Rules and Regulations.


Venue: At your premises


Workshop Cost: £4,000 + Travel + Subsistence costs for 1 person.


The Workshop will include specially prepared materials including: presentations and workbooks ready for printing. These workshops will be conducted by experienced Finance Helpdesk Staff.


Please note that we can customise each workshop and tailor it to your specific requirements


Sample Agenda:


FP7 Introduction

·          Free FP7 Book

·          What is a Framework Program?

·          Brussels Language


Overview of ERC Funding

·          ERC Structure

·          Introduction to ERC Funding

·          Overview of ERC Grants (Starting Grant and Advanced Grant)

·          Host Institution and Individual Teams

·          Principle Investigator (PI)

·          Concept of Panels

·          Grant Portability

·          Call Budgets and Deadlines


ERC Starting Grant

·          Overview

·          Funding

·          Principle Investigator Profile

·          “Starters” and “Consolidators”

·          Eligible Extensions


ERC Advanced Grant

·          Overview

·          Funding

·          Principle Investigator Profile

·          Co-Investigator

·          Ten-year track record

·          Track record extension


ERC Proof of Concept Grant

·          Overview

·          Participation Rules

·          Evaluation Criteria

ERC Synergy Grant

·          Overview

·          Participation Rules

·          Evaluation Criteria


Submission Process

·          Important Documents

·          Proposal Submission

·          Proposal Re-Applications

·          Overview of Proposal Sections for Starting Grant and Advanced Grant (Part A, Part B1, Part B2)

·          Supporting Documentation (Binding Statement, PhD Certificate (Starting Grant)

·          Host Support Letter


Evaluation Process

·          Overview of Two Step Evaluation Process

·          Stage 2 PI Interviews for Starting Grants

·          Evaluation Criteria

·          Interdisciplinary Proposals

·          Evaluation Examples


Grant Agreement

·          Structure of Grant Agreement and Annexes

·          Procedure for Negotiating a Grant Agreement with the Commission

·          Preparation of the Grant Agreement

·          Time Limits and Project Start Date

·          Supplementary Agreement between Host Institution and Principle Investigator



·          Project Phases

·          Subcontractors

·          Third Parties

·          Pre-Financing

·          Guarantee Fund

·          Funding Rates

·          Personnel Costs and Man Month Rates

·          In-House Consultants

·          Timesheets

·          Accounting Records

·          Eligible Direct and Indirect Costs

·          Receipts

·          Interest

·          Commission’s Audit Strategy



·          Scientific and Financial Reporting streams

·          Periodic Scientific Report

·          Final Scientific Report

·          Periodic Management Report (including Form C)

·          Common Errors when Reporting

·          Certificate on Financial Statement


Consortium Agreement

·          Contents

·          What to look out for



If you would like some more information or discuss dates, then please contact us here.

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