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Customised Workshops --> 1 Day Grant Agreement Negotiation Workshop

Workshop Title: 1 Day Grant Agreement Preparation Workshop


Workshop Target: Financial, Admin staff, Researchers and Project Managers.


Workshop Aim:  To ensure the attendees are able to negotiate successfully and use the online tools that are required.


Venue: At your premises


Workshop Cost:

£4,000 + Travel + Subsistence costs for 1 person.


The Workshop will include specially prepared materials including: presentations and workbooks ready for printing. These workshops will be conducted by experienced Finance Helpdesk Staff.


Please note that we can customise each workshop and tailor it to your specific requirements


Sample Agenda:


H2020 Introduction

·          Free H2020 Book

·          What is a Framework Program?

·          Brussels Language


Process Overview

·          Invitation for Negotiations

·          Letter of Invitation

·          Negotiation Mandate

·          Evaluation Summary Report

·          Ethical Review Report

·          Classified Information Procedures

·          Maximum financial EC contribution

·          Reserve List

·          Approval Process

·          Vital Points to Watch


Negotiations with the Commission

·          Beneficiaries

·          Coordinator

·          Project Officer

·          Mandates

·          Grant Agreement Structure

·          Grant Agreement Annexes

·          Grant Agreement Starting Dates


Negotiation on Annex 1

·          Annex 1 / Technical Annex / Description of Work / Description of Action

·          Evaluation Summary Report (ESR)

·          Technical negotiations

·          Reporting periods

·          Prefinancing

·          Structure of Annex 1

·          Financial & Legal negotiations

·          Subcontracting

·          Third-party

·          Management Issues

·          Certificate on Statement costs

·          Man rate

·          Number of productive months

·          Non-labour costs

·          Clustering/Concertation

·          Security Aspect Letter

·          Completion


Negotiation Facility Tool

·          Participants Portal

·          NEF2

·          Grant Preparation Forms (GPFs)

·          Structure

·          Walkthrough

·          GPF - what is required?

·          Unique Registration Facility (URF)

·          LEAR

·          Effort Distribution


Collective Responsibility

·          Technical Collective Responsibility

·          Financial Collective Responsibility

·          Guarantee Mechanism


Financial Viability and Capability of the Coordinator

·          Ex Ante Checks

·          Financial viability

·          Capability

·          SMEs


Consortium Agreement

·          Consortium Agreement Checklist

·          Technical provisions

·          Commercial provisions

·          Organisational provisions

·          Financial provisions

·          Legal provisions

·          Veto Rights

·          Protecting your interest


Negotiation Check-list

·          Prior to Negotiation Meeting

·          At Meeting

·          Final Submission


Role of the Coordinator

·          Responsibilities


Completing negotiations

·          Finalising process


If you would like some more information or discuss dates, then please contact us here.

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