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Customised Workshops --> 2 Day Proposal Writing Workshop

Workshop Title: 2 Day Proposal Writing Workshop


Workshop Target: Admin staff, Researchers, Project Managers and Consultants.


Workshop Aim:  To let the attendees become evaluators of a proposal. This is a very efficient way to understand what is required to produce a good proposal.


Venue: At your premises


Workshop Cost: £7,500 + Travel + Subsistence costs for 1 person.


The Workshop will include specially prepared materials including: presentations and workbooks ready for printing. These workshops will be conducted by experienced Finance Helpdesk Staff.


Please note that we can customise each workshop and tailor it to your specific requirements


Sample Agenda:



·          Background-experience

·          Finance Help-desk

·          Background material


H2020 Overview:

·          Background to Framework Program

·          General overview

·          What is different in H2020

·          Procedures

o         work programs

o         calls

·          Financial Changes

·          IPR rules

·          Nature of proposals

·          Benefits of participation

·          SMEs


Proposal writing:

·          Goal

·          Project structure

·          Initial decisions

·          Partner search

·          Key documents

·          Memorandum of Understanding

·          Proposal preparation - Part A

·          URF and LEAR

·          Spread sheet example

·          Part B descriptions

·          Working arrangements

·          WP structuring

·          How to build up the content

·          Quantification

·          Finalising the proposal

·          SEP

·          Financial points


Ethical aspects:

·          Legal basis

·          Ethical review

·          Purpose

·          No go areas

·          Statistics

·          Guide for applicants


Introduction to day 2:

·          Non-disclosure agreement

·          Distribution of proposal to be evaluated

·          Instructions and overnight assignment


Evaluation process:

·          Overview of process

·          Guidelines for evaluators

·          Content of the rules

·          Selection of experts

·          Eligibility check

·          Reading and marking

·          Evaluation criteria

·          Consensus meeting and panels

·          Hearings

·          Follow-up


Mock evaluation:

·          Evaluator briefing

·          Individual evaluation

·          Consensus meetings


Proposal review:

·          Non-technological defects

·          Detailed discussion of defects

·          Page counts

·          My assessment

·          Examination of 1.3

·          Blah blah example

·          Proposal forensics

·          Request for redress

·          Typical errors and advice

·          Proposal writing rules

·          Balancing the effort


How to maximise your funding:

·          From first idea to proposal

·          Idea!!

·          Where does it fit?

·          Iterate

·          Produce concise abstract

·          Validate abstract

·          Identify core partners

·          Build core team and supplement

·          External assistance?

·          Coordinate?

·          Produce proposal

·          Financial secrets


Project budgeting example:

·          Use of spread sheet and advice

·          How to create budget

·          How to balance it


Project best practice:

·          Introduction

·          Why behave ethically?

·          Role of the Coordinator

·          Actions at different stages:

·          Building a consortium

·          Submitting the proposal

·          Evaluation

·          Contract negotiations

·          Consortium Agreement

·          During the project

·          Project end

·          Summary & Recommendation


Reviewing a proposal idea:

·          Idealist PS Process

·          Quality Team

·          Scoring

·          Objective Criteria

·          Subjective Criteria


If you would like some more information or discuss dates, then please contact us here.

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