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Customised Workshops --> 3 Day In-depth Financial Workshop

Workshop Title: 3 Day In-Depth Financial Workshop


Workshop Target: Auditors, Accountants, Financial and Admin staff and senior researchers


Workshop Aim:  To interpret and decipher the financial regulations and their implications for your organization so that you are optimizing your claim.


Venue: At your premises


Workshop Cost: £12,000 + Travel + Subsistence costs for 2 persons.


Note: At least one of the trainers at these workshops will be one of our Accountants/Auditors.


The Workshop will include specially prepared materials including: presentations, exercises and workbooks with illustrated examples ready for printing. 

The Finance Helpdesk Workshop will be implemented through:

·          Explaining and interpreting current written published material,

·          Case Studies and examples,

·          Discussion of problems and situations from the participants,

·          Consultants’ extensive experience in the EU Framework Programs.


Please note that we can customise each workshop and tailor it to your specific requirements


Sample Agenda:


H2020 Introduction

·          Free H2020 Book

·          What is a Framework Program?

·          Framework Program Budgets

·          Workflow

·          Project Phases

·          Funding Schemes

·          Different Implementations

·          Brussels' Language


H2020 changes and Eligibility

·          Terminology changes

·          Major Changes summary

·          Eligibility for Funding


H2020 Participation

·          Sub Contractors Major and Minor

·          Third parties

·          Small & Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs)

·          SME Independence


H2020 Grant Agreement

·          Different Annexes explained


When do we get money?

·          Pre-financing

·          Distribution (Consortium Agreement)

·          Guarantee Mechanism

·          Financial Viability

·          Funding Rates


Forms of grants 

·          Eligible Costs

·          Flat rates

·          Lump-sum financing


Personnel Costs

·          Man Month Rates

·          Personnel Costs calculation

·          In-house consultants

·          Timesheets

·          Timesheets for Academics

·          Example of Productive Hours

·          Hourly Personnel Rate

·          Employment and Personnel Issues

·          Students

·          Overtime

·          Unit Costs

·          Average Personnel Rates

·          Average Personnel Rates Criteria

·          Use of Unit Costs



·          Direct Vs Indirect Costs

·          Accounting Records

·          Books of Account

·          Dual currency accounting

·          Cost Recording



·          How to budget correctly at the proposal stage

·          Budgeting issues

·          Budgeting Spreadsheet (tool)


Proposal Submission system (SEP)

·          SEP Setup

·          SEP Walkthrough

·          SEP forms

·          SEP Submittal


Unique Registration Facility (URF)

·          Unique Registration Facility (URF)

·          Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR)

·          Participant Portal

·          PIC

·          NEF


Receipts to the project

·          What is a receipt?

·          Types of receipts

·          Interest earned


Eligible & Ineligible costs

·          Eligible Direct Costs

·          Ineligible costs

·          VAT

·          Taxes



·          Types of Costs

·          Indirect v direct costs

·          Notional funding

·          Analytical accounting

·          Costs Allocation

·          Overhead application


Financial Reporting

·          Interim reporting

·          Final reporting

·          Project progress report

·          Financial Contribution

·          Timing and approval of financial reports

·          Form C

·          NEF VS FORCE

·          Online reporting Walkthrough

·          CSAs Reporting


Certificate on Financial Statement

·          When are CFSs required?

·          Auditor’s instructions

·          Certificate on the Methodology

·          Appointing an Auditor

·          Conflict of interest in appointing auditor

·          Using a CPO as auditor

·          Certification


EU Audits / Liquidated Damages

·          EU Audits

·          EU Audit procedure

·          Required documentation

·          Redress procedures

·          Follow up Liquidated damages

·          How to avoid Liquidated damages.

·          Consequences and Extra Penalties

·          What to do if things go wrong?


The Role of the Coordinator

·          Coordinator's responsibilities


Financial secrets

·          At the proposal stage

·          At the negotiation stage

·          For the Consortium Agreement

·          During the project

·          How to ensure you get your money.


If you would like some more information or discuss dates, then please contact us here.

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