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09/08/2006 - Implications of the new FP7 Financial Rules for ICT Organisations session at IST2006.

The introduction of the new FP7 Financial Rules will mean that even those that have managed to learn the FP6 Financial Rules will have to relearn the new FP7 Rules, work out the implications for their organisation, and decide how best to work.


The Finance Helpdesk will be running a session at the IST2006 Event on the Implications of the new FP7 Financial Rules for ICT Organisations. This session will be targeted at Universities, SMEs and large company project managers and project financial administrators


The Session will consist of a presentation outlining the major changes between the FP6 and FP7 financial rules. Afterwards, there will be a moderated discussion by the various attendees on the advantages and disadvantages of these changes and how their impact will be felt.


Particular, subjects include;


- The Abolishment of Cost Models

- Overhead Rates

- Impact of no AC model on Universities

- Impact of 75% on SMEs

- Financial liability rules

- Man Month rates


To ensure that this session will happen, there have to be expressions of interest.

We invite you to express your interest in this session, it should take you only a few moments.

Please do so at the bottom of page: 



We hope to see you there.

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