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23/11/2005 - 2 Day Financial Workshop in Glasgow, Scotland.

IRC Scotland is hosting a free 2 day financial workshop in Glasgow, Scotland.


The workshop will be held at Scottish Enterprise in Glasgow and will be particularly relevant to anyone planning an application who wants to understand how to structure the financial package of an application and to project managers and company accountants who want to know how to optimise the grant received from work undertaken in Framework Programme projects.


During the two days of the workshop, the key financial aspects of each phase of the Framework Programme process, from proposal through to the final cost statements will be covered.


Workshop format

The format of the workshop will be practical and hands-on, consisting of presentations and exercises. Some basic background on Framework Programmes will be expected from all participants.


The workshop will be conducted by staff from EPF Consulting Ltd. who have wide experience of Framework Programmes as proposer evaluators.  Similar workshops have been operated across other countries in the EU and have been highly praised.


Further information and how to register

The number of participants for both workshops will be limited to a maximum of 25, and places will be allocated on a first come, first services basis.  The workshops are free to attend.


Register online for the workshop at;


Finance workshop


or contact;

Lorna Maclean

IRC Scotland


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