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14/07/2005 - The Commission publishes working notes on FP6 Audit certificates.

This is the first such document under FP6. Upto now, the only notes auditors and contractors had to go on were from FP5.


These working notes are a welcome new document from the Commission that helps clarify certain issues on the Audit Certificates.


The notes have been compiled to guide research contractors and certifying entities in the preparation of audit certificates under the European Commissions 6th Framework Programme (FP6).


In particular, the document considers the following topics and related issues:

·          Frequently asked questions (FAQs) received by the European Commission from certifying entities, contractors and the Commissions operational services.

·          FP6 model contract and the Guide to Financial Issues Relating to Indirect Actions of the 6th Framework Programmes (FP6 Guide to Financial Issues)

·          Frequent errors in financial statements

·          Indicative model of an audit programme for certifying entities


For a copy of these new Working Notes please goto our links page

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