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25/05/2005 - New Model Contract Special Clause 39 on Audit Certificates adopted 28 April 2005.

A special clause 39 was adopted on 28 April by Delegation Procedure DL/2005/1150. This new clause deals with the exemption of certain contractors from the requirement to provide periodic audit certificates.


Clause 39 states:

“…Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 7.2 of this contract, contractors requesting a Community financial contribution for one or more reporting periods of less than €150,000, need not submit an audit certificate, until the cumulative request for Community financial contribution is equal to or exceeds €150,000 for the reporting periods for which an audit certificate has not yet been submitted.

In all cases an audit certificate shall be submitted at the latest 45 days after the final reporting period. This final audit certificate shall cover all period/s for which an audit certificate has not been previously submitted.

[(When special clause 23 applies to the contract.) The provisions of this special clause shall apply also to the members identified in Article 9 of this contract.]…”

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