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21/06/2005 - 3 Day Financial Workshop in Czech

The seventh in a series of 3 day financial workshops run by the Finance-NMS-IST project will be held in the Czech Republic.

This workshop is aimed at Accountants, Chief Financial Officers and Financial Personnel, and will be made up of presentations, case studies and practical exercises. The workshop will be at a high financial level with expert Accountants attending.


Day 1 Topics

Introduction to FP6 & IST Program & Instruments

Cost Models, Financial Issues, Overheads.

Financial Guidelines

Day 2 Topics

AM: Proposal Preparation

·          FC Calculation,

·          Project Proposal Spreadsheet,

·          A3 Form filling

·          NoEs

PM: Contract Negotiations

·          Collective Financial Responsibility

·          Guarantees

·          CPF Form filling

Day 3 Topics

AM: In-House Financial Recording Systems

·          Time-sheets

·          Cost Recording

PM: Cost Reporting

·          Activity Reports

·          Management Reports (Form C)

·          Audit Certificates


For further information, contact Romana Krizova: romana@crossczech.cz

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