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06/04/2005 - Commission publishes paper on the EU 7th Research Framework programme

The European Commission has publicly published its first indication of its plans for the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), In contrast with the other framework programmes; the proposed duration of FP7 is seven years (2007 to 2013). There will be an overall budget of 73 billion euro and a new structure based on four specific programmes:





The bulk and core of EU research funding will goto the Cooperation part of the Programme; nearly 45 billion euro of the total 73 billion euro budget would be channelled towards this priority under the Commission's plans. As well as collaborative research, the Cooperation programme will cover Joint Technology Initiatives, coordination of national research programmes and international cooperation. As with FP6, the largest of these thematic areas in budgetary terms is ICT (the new IST), with a proposed allocation of 12.7 billion euro over seven years.

The Paper can be downloaded here.

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