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24/02/2005 - Financial Workshop in Cyprus

A one-day workshop on financial issues in FP6 will be held on 24 February in Nicosia, Cyprus. The workshop is organized by the Research Promotion Foundation as an activity of the Finance-NMS-IST project supported by the European Commission under the FP6 IST thematic area.


The target group for the workshop will be current participants in IST projects or proposals.


The workshop will be split into 4 main topic areas:

        Calculating a budget

        Costs and reporting

        Management reporting

        Variations, deviations and limitations of FP6 project


The workshop will offer insight into the functioning of financial regulations in practice and attention will also be paid to potential threats and problems associated with project financial management.


For further information please contact Marilena Paraskeva: marilena@research.org.cy  

Or Dana Remes dana@efpconsulting.com from EFPConsulting Ltd.- the coordinators of the project.

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